The purpose of the Denton County Livestock Association and the Denton County Youth Livestock Show and Rodeo is to provide an opportunity for FFA, FCCLA, and 4-H members to exhibit their projects in a friendly, fair competition and to educate the public about agriculture and related areas. Also, to promote breeding, improvement, and sale of purebred and commercial livestock. The fair allows youth to learn responsibility and obtain information from others as well. The Denton County Livestock Association was founded in 1948. DCLA is governed by a constitution and by-laws.


Youth Fair Committee -
The youth fair is a permanent committee of the DCLA. The Youth Fair Show Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, and a Youth Fair Secretary-Treasurer will be elected officers to serve a one-year term. They would serve as ex-official members of the Board of Directors if not already an elected Board member. Successive terms would be subjected to review by the Board of Directors. The Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent shall have the responsibility for coordinating the activities necessary to the operation of the Youth Fair. The Youth Fair Secretary-Treasurer will coordinate the printing of the rulebook; tag-in and entry information for youth fair; order the fair supplies, ear tags, awards, etc.; collect all monies in connection with youth fair and disburse funds for expenses, judges, premiums, scholarships, and sales.

Youth Fair Superintendent Roles and Responsibilities

Youth Fair Committee Roles and Responsibilities

DCLA Officer and Directors (Term Expiration Date)

President Doug Webb (24)
Vice President  Shelley Ruland (25)
Secretary Diane Johnson (25)
Treasurer Ralph Hawkins (25)
Director Tommy Calvert (23)
Director Aaron Coulter (24)
Director Randy Crider (24)
Director Kara Copp Meyer (26)
Director Jonathan Mallard (24)
Director Chance Bannahan (25)
Director Brent Lankford (25)
Director Pattie Pennington (23)


Honorary Members:

Dr. & Mrs. Pat Moynaugh
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Clampett
Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. Weldon Burgoon
Mr. & Mrs. Owen Fulton